Stop Running From. Start Running Towards.

Too often we feel lost, stuck, unmotivated and uninspired. Like something is missing.

We search for hacks and shortcuts that promise us the result without the effort, to give us the answer to our unsettled state without the equation that gets us there.

This is a space for those interested in the discovery of self through running. Those willing to challenge themselves physically to reveal what they’re capable of mentally.

This is not a shortcut. Only a beacon to which a path needs to be discovered and with it, a question that needs an answer;

What does it take to go from zero running experience to running a 100K ultramarathon in under a year?

This space will be an exploration of both the physical and mental training required to accomplish this goal and an effort in trying to understand and connect to the deeper experience of endurance.

The direction is clear, only the path needs to be discovered.

It’s time to take the first step.

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Ultrarunning Mistakes: A Running List Of Running Failures
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Z2U Training Month 1: Challenge
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What is an Ultramarathon?
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"Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go"