Z2U Training Month 1: Challenge

It Starts With a Story…

In the beginning of August I found myself trying to complete another lackluster “workout” in my basement. I was overcoming some nagging injuries in both my back, calf and shoulder.

I was feeling unmotivated and uninspired in both my training and my life.

I felt restless.

In my headphones the audiobook “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins played.

He’d been describing his experiences running long distance races, these “Ultra marathons”. What stood out to me was the amount of physical and mental effort he needed to summon to complete these events.

He described testing himself against these insurmountable distances, learning more about himself and what he was capable of with every mile.

I was hooked.

I began researching Ultra Running, Ultra Marathons, Ultra Runners, anything that had to do with long distance running. I laughed to myself because endurance pursuits were never in my realm of thought. I hated running, I hadn’t gone for a “jog” in years.

I knew this meant I should do it. I searched for the nearest ultra marathon near me and came across the “Iron Legs Ultra”. 100KM of trail running in the rocky mountains, set for August 2020.

This would be it. This is what I was looking for. A challenge so large that it actually scared me. Coming from zero running background I knew I would have to dedicate myself to putting in the time over the next year to build a running base while also addressing some key weakness in my foot health, ankle mobility, leg and hip strength.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

– Fred DeVito

The takeaway is this. Set yourself a goal that seems almost insurmountable. A goal that scares you because your EGO is afraid of the change you will need to make to achieve it. You will need to become a new person to even have a chance at it’s completion.

Do this because the larger the goal the more the success of it will DEMAND adherence to the effort required to complete it. It will force you to change, to adapt and to ENDURE.

Z2U Month 1 Training Log

Week 1: Walk/Run Training – Jog 1 MIN / Run 4 MIN x 6
Week 2: Walk/Run Jog 2 MIN / Walk 3 MIN x 6
Week 3: Walk/Run Jog 3 MIN / Walk 2 MIN x

*One week missed due to symposium



Birddog / Deadbug / Hollow Body / Balance Training

Main: A

a. Single Arm Overhead Press
a2. Single Arm DB Row
a3. Roll To Squat Hold

b. Ball Curl
b2. Reverse Lunge

c. Bridge 360
c2, Low Squat Crawl 3MIN in as many sets.

Main: B

a. Lunge to Knee

b. Farmer’s Walks

c. Squat Hold For Time


  • Barefoot Shoes used exclusively at work
  • Toe Spreaders used as much as possible (2-4 hours) until discomfort
  • Standing desk used at work
  • Sitting on floor instead of couch at home, working on hip/ankle mobility.

What To Keep

  • A lot of progress coming from the passive training. Already noticing more ankle mobility, hip strength and foot strength.

What To Add

  • The strength training needs to be fine tuned. Was a little all over the map due to other commitments.
  • More third world squat time

What To Subtract

  • Going directly to the zero drop shoe cooked my achilles and calves. To the point where running is a struggle. I need to interchange the zero drop with my Nike’s. Surprised by the pain as I’ve been wearing barefoot shoes pretty consistently.

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